Mobile application "WE"

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Project Description

  • Project Description

    «WE» — is the app for you! It not only absorbed the best features of social networks, but also provided new opportunities for the implementation of various initiatives.

  • Task

    Create an application with an open platform, fast communication and ease of use for caring and open people

  • Solution

    The product has been designed to provide a better experience and new functionality. The main aspects were emphasized, a system of ratings and points was developed

Home screen and onboarding

Главный экранЭкраны онбординг

User Flow

User Flow — is a visual representation of the sequence of actions that a user performs to achieve their goal. He helped to determine the ways to achieve the goals of users, based on the choice helped to calculate the positive and negative scenarios of potential users.

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User Flow

Profile and registration

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A multifunctional and easy-to-use application for caring and enthusiastic people has been developed. Users can create events in the "Do", "Tell", "Participate" categories, or take part in projects themselves, invite friends and acquaintances. A scoring system has been developed. Points are awarded for almost everything, from registration to participation in any project. Users can create events, do good deeds and share them on social networks and in the application itself. A rating system has been developed based on the results of the month and the best teams, participants are awarded prizes. Winners are determined by the results of the team or individual rating. “WE” helps us to make our city better. Multifunctional and simple app

Other screens

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